Olive Tree Transplanting

Welcome to J.S. Land Services where we specialize in transplanting large mature Olive Trees.  Olive Trees are unique in character, size and age.   Olive Trees are admired by many based on their structural beauty.  Mature Olive trees also provide an olive fruit that many use for Olive oil, or basic table olives.  We are able to transplant Olive Trees ranging in sizes of 12ft to 25ft tall.  The width of the tree can range from 6ft to 14ft.  Our Olive Trees can live in climates of extreme heat or climates of rainfall.  An Olive tree is a great source for providing shade or privacy from neighbors or buildings. 

We offer delivery and installation, at any location. Our highly trained and experienced staff members provide the best quality and care while transplanting an Olive Tree. We professionally package our Olive Trees before shipment to the job site location.  Our process of professionally extracting and packaging the Olive Tree prevents any damage to the tree during transportation.

We are a family built business based out of anderson, california. 

We have worked in redding, sacramento, san francisco, San jose, Santa BArbara, Santa cruz, Napa and sonoma counties,  the Silicon Valley and los angeles.  


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Olive Trees

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