Large Olive Trees can be uprooted and transplanted to a new living environment and maintain regrowth after proper maintenance.  Once a large mature Olive Tree is transplanted and installed to a new location, it may develop a shock phase where the tree will need proper care to help sustain a new rooting system.

Depending on soilage and climate the tree will need proper watering with an effective draining system during the first year after installation. 

The Olive tree will need mildly-fertile soil, all-day sun coverage, protection from harsh winds to protect the olive fruit, and deep watering about once a week.

You may use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer once a month to encourage a healthy fruiting Olive tree.  You may prune the Olive tree to help produce new flowering.

Olive Tree Maintenance

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 Large Mature Olive Trees are able to sustain extreme heat and cold weathers. Olive Trees prefer dry summers, but can become frost tolerant as they mature.  Olive Trees provide a excellent source of edible fruit even in drought conditions.  Olive trees require minimal care and minimal water treatment to survive.

Olive Trees are a popular landscape choice as they offer lush green branches all year around and can live for more than 100 years.

Large Mature Olive Tree Installations in California by J.S Land Services

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